Blue Floral Focal Lampwork Bead

Floral Lampwork Bead by Judith Johnston


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Lampwork bangle with pink bead and Bali sterling silver

Lampwork bangle by Judith Johnston

 I love the meditative quality of melting glass in a hot flame, the depth and play of light on colour and the reflections and sparkle of the glass. Often thrilling, likewise frustrating, I love the unexpected, the reactions and the alchemy….no matter how deep you delve there is always more to discover, more to learn, more to tantalise, a world of exciting possibility!



Hello, my name is Judith Johnston, I created this site as an online journal of my life and my lampwork beads because in my world, it’s always about the beads!

Welcome to my website.

I make lampwork beads by melting rods of glass. If you have never heard of lampworking and would like an explanation of what it is please visit my lampwork page.

My favourite beads to make are complex floral focals full of sparkle with cubic zirconia set in the center of the flowers and a couple of butterfly murrini for good measure

I love bright and shiny, I  watch a lot of Sci-Fi and superhero films & television, I have a full blown hand dyed yarn habit and I knit more socks than one family could ever wear in a lifetime! I have been married to George for nearly over 25 years and we have 2 adult children, Natalie and Robert, who turned out fabulously well, despite our best efforts to the contrary :)

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Pink floral lampwork bead earrings

Lampwork Bead Earrings by Judith Johnston



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